Fertility after chemotherapy

iv bagMost survivors of childhood cancers (and their physicians) assume that they will be unable to have children should they make it to adulthood. It turns out that may not always be the case. A recent study in the British journal Lancet suggests that women going through fertility treatment may actually have a reasonably good chance to conceive using fertility treatment. Still, for most, it is an uphill battle.  More information on fertility after cancer is available at Fertile Hope

Posthumous parenthood

Assisted reproduction and particularly advances in fertility preservation procedures such as egg freezing has made it more likely than ever that men and women will have offspring born after they are deceased. A woman who freezes her eggs (or a husband his sperm) before chemotherapy may not survive the cancer. So what happens when those eggs or sperm are used to help the surviving partner or some one else conceive? This article in the NY Times explores the legal and financial issues that might arise.