Egg freezing as fertility insurance ?

20130902-221809.jpgAdvances in the last few years in freezing eggs has opened up new opportunities for women who wish to preserve their fertility.  Last year the American Society for Reproductive Medicine recognizes that egg freezing should no longer be experimental. In women with cancer who will likely face an uphill battle with infertility, frozen eggs can be their only hope. But, the questions is should fertility specialists should be recommending this technology for women who chose to defer having children for career or social reasons? The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists have weighed in on this debate and the answer is not clear. There is clear evidence from egg donor banks that egg freezing works. What is lacking are studies showing definitively that it can work to freeze the biologic clock.  While egg freezing is likely to help preserve a woman’s fertility, they should not be consider insurance based on what we know today.

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